Crack-shot pebble skimmer, master cake baker, poker ace & recognised expert at making something from nothing*.

(*Only one of which is a lie. Okay, maybe two).

My obsession with making began at a young age when I started scavenging household supplies in order to create fantastical worlds to escape inside. 

There were many misadventures along the way, but I eventually ended up in London to study Design at Goldsmiths, where I was broken hearted to discover I was too late for the YBAs and too early for the cutting edge. With a cohort of people designing throwaway one-liners of creations like underpants out of j-cloths, I chose this point to have an epistemological crisis of faith & stopped making altogether. Instead, after graduating, I ended up trapped like a specimen behind glass as a mannequin mover & window dresser.

I then strayed a little further from the creative path when I started listening to object stories, instead of making them, and I began selling and sourcing antiques and salvage across the UK & even further afield, whilst developing a wide and constantly updated network of sources and contacts, due to a consuming and lifelong passion for treasure hunting.

Until one day, when I was given an empty warehouse and was told I could turn it into a shop. I painted some walls, put the furniture into places to make interesting juxtapositions of colours and textures that made the objects sing and then Stockyard North Salvage was born. From here, it was a hop, skip & a jump to the prop world and the combining of all my experience, loves and skills together at last.